About Me


B.S. Degree in Psychology with a Sociology minor from the University of Wisconsin 1971.

I received my certification as a personal trainer in 2008 from the The American College of Sports Medicine. My intention was to enter the fitness field after my retirement from UAS as the Academic Technology Manager. I retired in March of 2011 at the age of 67 and prepared myself to start the business in 2012.

Work & Sport History

  • Youth to High School – lots of ice skating and running games
  • High School – threw discus for track and wrestled. This was the start of my interest in strength training
  • College – intermural sports and serious efforts at weight training that put 45# of muscle on my slender frame
  • Worked as a construction laborer and carpenter for 20 years doing hard physical labor that required working out in the winter to prepare of another season of sheetrocking and concrete work.
  • Played recreational sports such as volleyball and softball during most of my construction years.
  • During one of my winter layoffs I worked as a trainer as a large facility in Wisconsin where I supported a water aerobics class of heart attack survivors and provided lectures on healthy eating.
  • The abuses of construction work along with poorly constructed weight training programs (I didn’t have a personal trainer!) left me with shoulder problems as I approached my 50th birthday.
  • At age 50 I went to work at UAS supporting technology for faculty and students. The desk job motivated me to start working out regularly during lunch. I did that consistently for the next 18 years. The greatest pleasure of my job was working one on one with a student or staff and getting them to the point they were comfortable with the technology. I get the same enjoyment working with personal training clients.

Technology was a job, fitness is my passion!

Retirement at 67 to the Present

When I retired I decided to forego the gyms and save some money by working out at home. Every year around my birthday I assess my fitness on pull-ups, push-ups, max number of repetitions with my body weight on the bench press and body weight squats. (I rarely do benches anymore so will be dropping those from my evaluation.) While I do many mini-assessments I use these annuals to motivate myself from year to year. My strength has dropped off very little in the 6 years of testing starting at 65.

What do I do for my workouts? Keep in mind that this is MY prescription for exercise, it is unlikely to be yours

They vary quite a bit. For warm-ups I use a foam roller, stretch and do mobility exercises. Currently I am using the gymnastic rings I have mounted to my high ceiling to do pull-ups, dips, supine rows and push-ups. I use a stability ball for “stir the pot” and dumbbells for shoulder work. I do lots of body weight squats and lunge variations with and without weights, along with other body weight exercises. I do “farmer carries” for shoulders and core. I vary my reps/intensity periodically. I walk an hour most every day. I may drop and do a few squats or lunges anytime. If I’m reading I get up every 1 hour or so and do an easy set of one exercise or some stretches. I keep moving!

Sitting is the new smoking – with similar health consequences…… keep moving!